Cloud Computing Online Course Certification

Simply put, cloud  is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. You typically pay only for cloud services you use, helping lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs change.

All major global companies around the world recognize  Certification Course. Freshers and professional learners can receive a  certificate after completing the theoretical and practical courses at Aptron Noida.

This certification is recognized all across the world. It enhances the worth of your Curriculum vitae and allows you to obtain top employment positions in the world’s biggest MNCs with the help of  our certification. The  certification is only given if the training and practical assignments at Aptron Noida 

The training Project & Assignment ensure every student should compete in 13+ Cloud Computing project assignments and two  real-time information projects. Experiential learning while attending a Cloud Computing course in Noida: At the Aptron Noida Cloud Computing Training Institute in Noida, each  training session includes hands-on  training assignments so that students can learn by doing. 

Overview of Cloud Computing Training in Noida

This unique  course aims at honing the skills of individuals in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and enables them to blossom as consummate Cloud Solutions Architects. This  course in Noida is a preparatory session for certification in AWS, Azure, and GCP. Students will comprehend AWS Cloud Architecture, AWS Elastic Compute Cloud services (EC2), AWS Networking, AWS Simple Storage Services (S3), AWS Relational Database Services (RDS), Google Cloud Platform technology, and Azure Cloud Architecture Technology.

The course ventures into topics like Decision Trees, Random Forest Models, and the use of Machine Learning Services on the Cloud. At the end of this course, participants can showcase their abilities in anyone or all three Cloud Technologies in the current IT Industry.

Benefits of Course?

1) Lowers cost considerably as Cloud Computing obviates the need for physical hardware investments.

2) It enables the deployment of your services with fewer clicks resulting in speedy implementation

3) It takes less time to restore data and take back-up on the Cloud

4) Automatic Software Integration

5) Limitless storage capacity


We are having the best trainers who are extraordinary and skilled in this field and covers all the major features of Cloud Computing:

  • Users  can continuously monitor the server uptime, allotted network storage, capabilities.
  • Its maintenance is easy and downtime is very low and in few cases there is no downtime.
  • Cloud computer users can access, upload or download important data and information from anywhere and anytime.
  • Its capabilities can be extended as per the requirement.
  • Cloud computing requires only one time investment.
  • One of the best features of cloud computing is Cloud security.
  • The users are required to pay only the amount of space they have utilized.
  • Its resources are used to recording and monitoring purpose in companies.

Course Details 

  • Transform yourself into a consummate Cloud Solutions Architect in this Cloud Technology course with triple certification in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Engineer Machine Learning models on the cloud. 
  • In this Cloud Technology Course, we encourage the student to scale and deploy Cloud infrastructure services independently. 
  • This course will give the students a tour of the core issues related to cloud computing such as security, privacy, and interoperability.
  • It will also teach them to identify the problem and use appropriate technologies, algorithms, and approaches to evaluate various  solutions. 
  • This course also describes the storage services, security services, network services, monitoring and notifications services, and database services of AWS, Azure, and GCP in great depth.
  •  Participants are also mentored on deploying servers and load balancers using all cloud platforms. A separate module is devoted to building machine learning models on the Cloud. 
  • Embrace a lucrative career in one or all three cloud technologies in the current IT industry with the best cloud computing course in Noida.
  • Overview of Cloud and Types of services offered
  • Ability to scale and deploy Cloud Infrastructure Services Independently
  • Ready for Certifications on AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Building Machine Learning Models on Cloud
  • Block Your Time
  • cloud computing course in Noida 

Classroom Sessions

  • Enroll Now
  • Who Should Sign Up?
  • Candidates aspiring to be Cloud Solution Architect
  • Graduates who are looking to build a Career in Cloud Technology
  • Employees of organizations, who are planning a mid-career shift to Cloud Technology
  • Students aiming for a career in IT industry on emerging technologies
  • Course Modules of Cloud Computing Training in Noida

This cloud computing triple certification course is a three-month program comprising 72 classroom sessions. At the end of the course, the participant can easily apply for the AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP certifications. The first two modules of the course bear an introduction to Cloud Computing and the types of Cloud Service Models – IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS along with a pricing and market comparison of AWS, Azure, and GCP. The succeeding module deals with deploying Virtual Machines, load balancers, and servers on AWS, Azure, and GCP. The concluding modules of this cloud computing course in Noida, deal with storage and security services functional in AWS, Azure, and GCP

Cloud Computing Training Course & Syllabus Online  Training Institute in  Noida

Aptron Noida , Trainers teach  fundamentals course in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, allowing students to grasp the course syllabus more effectively. 

We will teach you the  topics using real-world examples. Noida’s instructors assist candidates in completing their Cloud Computing projects and even teach them how to answer to interview questions. Students can learn about the syllabus in a one-on-one training session and are allowed to ask any questions at any time. Professionals with more than 8 years of Course Training Experience In a week of  classes and certifications, Aptron Noida trained over 2000 students.

Cloud Computing Classroom & Trainer Cloud Computing Institute in Noida

We provides 3+ Advance  assignments and two real-time data projects for training. While attending a Cloud Computing course in Noida, you’ll get hands-on experience: Each session  includes hands-on Cloud Computing training assignments so that students can gain real-world experience.

This training session teach Cloud Computing key principles to beginners, intermediates, and expert students. While delivering a Placement Program for Aptron Noida Cloud Computing Institute in Noida students.

Cloud Computing Training Course Eligibility 

classes are held at Aptron Noida to assist students in developing their personality in accordance with the  project requirements. 

personality development sessions at Training in  Noida involve spoken English, group discussions of the course, mock interviews of the Project and Scope, and presenting skills. The purpose is to make pupils feel at ease during stressful  interviews.

Expert-level knowledge of the subject and up-to-date on the course syllabus’s real-world applications. Aptron Noida  Course can join any students from BE/BSC, any engineer, any graduate, any post-graduate, working professionals, and B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA Background Students.

To ensure that you get the most out of your Training institute, you should complete 13+ assignments and two real-time data projects. While attending a this course in  Noida, you’ll get hands-on experience: To guarantee that participants acquire practical experience with the  Institute in Noida, each  training session includes hands-on  training assignments.


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